Welcome to a very special Papal edition of your West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This week, the White House was abuzz with preparation for the Pope’s arrival and the China State Visit, back-to-back ceremonies that kept the President and his staff very busy. That’s September 18th to September 24th or, “Our Common Home.” Friday, September 18th On Friday, the President met with his science and technology advisers in the Roosevelt Room. Later that afternoon, the President welcomed an audience of moviegoers to a screening of “Fixing the System” – a VICE Media documentary on criminal justice reform, featuring the President’s visit to a federal prison back in July. Catch the documentary on September 27th on HBO. Saturday, September 19th On Saturday, the President and First Lady celebrated the Congressional Black Caucus – an organization representing the black members of the U.S. Congress – at its annual awards dinner. Monday, September 20th On Monday, preparations were in full swing for the Papal Arrival Ceremony, taking place later in the week. Tuesday, September 21st On Tuesday, His Holiness Pope Francis arrived at Joint Base Andrews in “Shepherd One” to a friendly welcoming committee , including the President, First Lady, Vice President, Dr. Biden, and their families. Wednesday, September 22nd On Wednesday, Washington, DC, opened its arms to Pope Francis. After months of preparation, the White House hosted an Arrival Ceremony for the Pope and 11,000 guests on the South Lawn. His arrival marks the Holy Father’s first visit to the U.S. Thursday, September 23rd On Thursday, the President gave awards to public servants from the Department of Health and Human Services, for their significant contributions in the fight to contain the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Later that evening, the President welcomed the President of China to the White House – the night before the official State Arrival Ceremony, which you can catch in next week’s episode. Stay engaged with us online and on Periscope . Remember, you can find out more about any of these topics and see complete videos at whitehouse.gov . Thanks so much for checking out this “Pope and Change” edition of your West Wing Week.

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