Watch on YouTube On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in Denver's Cheesman Park, President Obama delivered remarks about the economy, the progress that his Administration has made, and how Republican obstructionism is making it more difficult for Americans achieve their full potential. The President opened his remarks poking fun at Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper over their pool game from last night at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. “You should not ask him who won,” the President joked. “No, no, really, don't ask Governor Hickenlooper who won at pool.” The President then quickly got down to business, telling the audience exactly what he was there to talk about: Every day, we get thousands of letters and emails at the White House. I think it's something like 40,000 a day of some sort of correspondence. And every night, our Correspondence Office selects 10 letters for me to read. And I've been doing that since I first came into office. And it's one of the most important things I do — it's right there next to my national security briefing and whatever policy issues that we're supposed to be working on — because it reminds me of why I ran for office. read more

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President Obama Speaks on the Economy in Denver