In the Rose Garden this afternoon, President Obama reiterated his commitment to immigration reform and reproached House Republicans for their unwillingness to confront this important issue. Speaking a year ago to the month when the Senate passed an immigration reform bill, the President outlined what Republican obstruction has meant over the past year: We have fewer resources to strengthen our borders; Businesses can still game the system by hiring undocumented workers — which punishes businesses that are playing by the rules and hurting the wages of hard-working Americans; The best and brightest that come to study in the United States are still forced to leave, heading overseas and subsequently competing against our workers; and Eleven million immigrants are still living in the shadows, instead of having the opportunity to earn their citizenship. What's more, “it's meant the heartbreak of separated families,” the President stressed. Meanwhile, the majority of Americans — ranging from law enforcement to labor to faith communities — continue to support immigration reform. read more

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President Obama Speaks on Immigration Reform