Medical school student, volunteer firefighter, active duty member of the United States Armed Forces, fashion designer, spouse, sailor who’s completed a 3,000 nautical mile voyage, neuroscientist, Ph.D. student, professional DJ, high school math teacher, Division I athlete, parent, freelance videographer, ballerina, college freshman… The list above isn’t just a random collection of words and phrases. It’s actually a list of the interests, backgrounds and skills of a handful of former White House Interns – and it’s nowhere near exhaustive. White House Interns are a wonderfully diverse group of community leaders and campus trailblazers . They begin the Internship Program with a passion for public service, and during their time at the White House, they find ways to couple that passion with new skills so that they’re better equipped to serve after their internships are done. They come from all over the country and have unique dreams. A Summer 2012 D.C. Scholar prepares for a White House Internship Program Speaker Series. (Photo by Morgan Arthur) So, imagine yourself as a White House Intern.