Each year, the nation rallies behind promising athletes as they decide where they will take their prodigious talents. Families gather around the TV to watch the draft, commentators speculate on this prospect or the other and where they’ll play college football the next year, and fans daydream about what will become of their teams. First Lady Michelle Obama believes that every student who has worked hard to achieve the monumental milestone of going to college should receive that same enthusiastic support, and that our country should celebrate college going with the same fervor. Last year, the First Lady spoke at a College Signing Day event in San Antonio, Texas. Wearing her Princeton t-shirt, Mrs. Obama told her personal story as a first-generation college student and commended the seniors on how far they had come. In that speech, she also challenged the students to continue to push forward, saying: Just getting into college isn’t the ultimate goal. You have got to stay focused once you get there, and you’ve got to get that degree or that certificate. read more

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On College Signing Day, First Lady Michelle Obama Asks Students to Reach Higher