Today, I had the opportunity to speak at the 1 is 2 Many Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month event at the White House. In attendance were family members of victims who were killed by teen dating violence, high school and college students, and a variety of organizations and school association representatives. The program featured speakers from the Departments of Education and Justice and ended with a group discussion with the students. Ending violence against all women is a priority of this administration. And today’s reauthorization on the Violence Against Women Act will help further reduce teen dating violence. The author of the original legislation, Vice President Biden also dropped by to speak to the teens and families at the event. Unfortunately, teen dating violence is still far too common . As many as one in 10 high school students nationwide have reported that they were intentionally physically hurt by their boyfriend or girlfriend, and still more experienced verbal or emotional abuse like shaming, intimidation, or threats. That’s why it was so important to hear from young people who are committed to stopping the violence. Their advocacy and action inspires us to fight to end teen dating violence .