The United States has allocated considerable resources to the Ebola response — more than any other country — but the President has made clear that we cannot take on this challenge alone. That’s why you’ve seen this Administration reach out to leaders across the globe to build an international coalition that has grown by the day. But beyond the important role that countries large and small play, we’ve been heartened to see the outpouring of support from the private and non-profit sectors. Hundreds of millions of dollars from individuals, companies, and non-profits have complemented the more than $1.5 billion in contributions from countries around the globe. Just today, in fact, we learned of significant new commitments from two American technology companies: Google and Facebook. Google today announced that both the company and the Larry Page Family Foundation will each make significant contributions to the Ebola response. For its part, Facebook will leverage the power of its 1.3 billion-strong global network to solicit donations for organizations on the front lines of this fight. Beyond their monetary contributions, both companies are donating much-needed technology — from communications tools to medical supplies — to enable those on the front lines in the affected countries to mount a more effective response. Facebook’s announcement builds on prior Ebola contributions by the company and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. read more

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Hailing the Contributions of the Private and Non-Profit Sectors to the Ebola Fight