From the size of your paychecks to the duration of your paid leave to the amount you pay in taxes, this was a week of conversation about key issues facing American families. President Obama traveled to Charlotte to hold a town hall with working women, honored leading advocates as Champions of Change at the White House, spoke about the importance of making sure a woman receives the same pay as a man for working the same job, and highlighted how his tax plan supports 44 million middle-class families. In case you missed it, here are a couple highlights from the week. The President Holds a Town Hall with Working Women: President Obama traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday for a special conversation with working women, co-hosted with leading women's sites BlogHer and SheKnows. He took questions both from those in the audience — as well as from people asking questions online using the hashtag #ObamaTownHall . #POTUS has landed in #CLT . will be here soon to talk #EqualPay #ObamaInCLT #ObamaTownHall — Chrissie (@chrissie_beth) April 15, 2015 read more

From Work to Home: A Week of Conversations with Working Americans