This afternoon, U.S. Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil sent the following message to the White House email list, explaining how community college helped him get to where he is today, and why he thinks more Americans should have access to community college. If you agree with DJ, tell us where community college brought you — or why it should be available to more Americans — using this form or the hashtag #CommunityCollege. I'm the U.S. Chief Data Scientist — and I got my start in community college. Yes, I've got a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, have been fortunate to help build amazing companies, and have been at the forefront of the data science movement. But the critical first step in that journey started at De Anza Jr. College in Cupertino, California. I think more Americans should be able to have that opportunity. If you agree, share where community college took you, or why you think it should be available to more Americans. read more

Email from DJ Patil: "How I Became Chief Data Scientist"