Too many of those who have served our nation in uniform now sleep in our nation’s streets. As Americans, we must uphold our sacred trust with our veterans – and eliminating veteran homelessness is a start to honoring that obligation. In 2009, President Obama committed his entire Administration to an ambitious plan of ending veteran homelessness. Much work remains to ensure every veteran has a home, but we have made significant progress in fulfilling this goal. Since 2010, the total number of homeless veterans has dropped to 33 percent since 2010. The number of the most vulnerable veterans, with no shelter whatsoever, has declined even more, by 43 percent. This means that on any given night, there are 25,000 fewer veterans on the streets or in shelters. Here’s a look at where we stand in our efforts to eliminate veteran homelessness: read more

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Chart of the Week: The Progress We’ve Made on Ending Veteran Homelessness