Since 2013, President Obama has been calling on Congress to raise the federal minimum wage. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the minimum hourly wage an employer must pay an employee for work is currently $7.25. While Congress has not moved to increase the federal minimum wage, many states, cities, and business owners have heeded the President’s call to action by raising their minimum wages to well above the federal standard.  “To every mayor, governor, and state legislator in America, I say, you don’t have to wait for Congress to act; Americans will support you if you take this on.” — President Obama Since the President first asked Congress to #RaiseTheWage, 17 states have answered his call. Will your state be next?  “This year, more than half of our states guarantee their workers a wage higher than the federal minimum, but despite this progress we still have work to do. I continue to encourage states, cities, counties and companies to lift their workers' wages, and I urge Congress to finally do the right thing and give America a raise.” — President Obama  When it comes to raising the minimum wage, the numbers speak for themselves: read more

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By the Numbers: #RaiseTheWage