Following last year’s contribution for Blog Action Day (that addressed the devastating crises in the Horn of Africa ), we have returned to focus on a more domestic issue and reflect on moments over the past year when everyday Americans joined together to demonstrate the “power of we.” The White House is constantly looking to expand public engagement and public involvement, making government both accessible and responsive to the needs of its citizens. Three examples stand out among many others. #40dollars In December of 2011, and again in February of 2012, the American people took to the Internet to tell Washington in no uncertain terms that letting the payroll tax cut expire was not acceptable. If Congress let the payroll tax cut expire, a typical family of four earning $50,000 a year would see about $40 less in each paycheck. For many middle class families struggling to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression, losing $40 a week would have meant a lot. Tens of thousands of Americans spoke out to share their simple but powerful stories about what losing $40 per paycheck would mean for them and their families. Thanks to their voices, middle-class Americans scored a major victory when Congress took action and President Obama was able to sign this extension into law. When I first heard the topic for Blog Action Day, I immediately thought of a video called “Why Your Voice Matters” that features some of the people who believed that their voice could make a difference and had the courage to speak out: Or check out a slideshow featuring 50 Americans across 50 states who, through the Power of We, helped ensure that taxes didn’t go up on 160 million of their fellow citizens. read more

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Blog Action Day: “The Power of We”