This is the latest post in our “Asked and Answered” series, in which we periodically feature an exchange between the President — or a Senior Administration Official — and an American who wrote him. If you'd like to write the President yourself, you can do so here . May was Jewish American Heritage Month. To celebrate, the President joined communities around the country in honoring the contributions Jewish Americans have made to our nation and the shared values that move us forward together. To highlight these enduring ideals, we wanted to share a letter exchange between the President and a young Jewish American writer whose parents celebrated Hanukkah at the White House last year. Ten-year-old Yadid Frydman Orlow from White Plains, New York thanked the President, but asked a few important questions as well. His thoughtful questions reflect the recognition that progress begins when someone dares to ask, “What can I do to help?” Here is the handwritten letter from Yadid, along with his parents’ invitation to last year’s celebration: read more

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Asked and Answered: What 10-Year-Old Yadid Asked the President