Yesterday, as part of Public Health Week, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy joined President Obama and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy for a roundtable discussion with faculty at Howard University Medical School about what the Administration is doing to address climate change. He talked about the impact of climate change on public health and how prevention is the key to public health. As Surgeon General, Dr. Murthy underscored we all have a stake in our national and global health. Every single one of us stands to benefit from a public health system that is focused on wellness and prevention — not one that simply focuses on treating sickness and disease. Now, he wants you to join the conversation and ask him a question about the impact of climate change health – or any other public health topic. Starting this evening through 2:30 p.m. ET tomorrow, April 9, he'll be taking your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskTheSurgeonGeneral, and responding via video on  @Surgeon_General  throughout the afternoon on April 9. read more

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America’s Doctor is Taking Your Questions: #AskTheSurgeonGeneral