President Obama is on the road again this week , talking about the economy and meeting with working Americans who have written the White House — from Denver to Austin. You can follow along right here. (And, if you want to write the President yourself, you can do that here.) The President sat down for dinner with five Coloradans who wrote him. The President sat down for dinner with five Americans who wrote him and shared their stories. Alex, who works at a furniture upholstery store in Denver, wrote to thank him for calling on businesses to raise the minimum wage. Elizabeth, a rising junior at the University of Northern Colorado majoring in mathematics, wrote about how she's struggling to pay for school. Carolyn and David, a couple from Denver with six children, wrote to let the President know how they were able to expand their chain of sandwich shops thanks to an SBA loan. And Leslie, who's worked as a teacher for 26 years, wrote about the importance of early childhood education. “I'm so glad you're here.” –President Obama to his dinner guests, 7/8/2014 read more

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