Being away from home or loved ones is a sacrifice for thousands of men and women working overseas in the United States military. That’s why our care packages to the troops help them feel our support while they are in duty: Send a care package to a loved one in the military using the United States Postal Service (USPS) Check out the guidelines for international shipping and make sure the items you’re sending are permitted in the destination country. Follow the instructions to send packages to military and diplomatic personnel . Include the recipient’s full name, unit number and military mail address with the Army or Air Force Post Office (APO), Fleet for Navy and Marines Post Office (FPO), or Diplomatic Post Office (DPO). Use the internet to fill out a  Customs Form to attach to the package. Note: USPS doesn’t accept packages that are over 70 pounds. You can also check the country’s package weight limits. For additional information about sending mail contact USPS at 1-800-275-8777. Show your support through United Service Organizations (USO) The USO is a nonprofit organization through which you can buy care packages of items (comfort foods, books, movies, etc.) or services such as phone calls home for troops overseas. You can also make tax-deductible donations to send the troops  holiday gifts or to  honor a loved military member . Note: These packages and services are sent to troops in general rather than to individual service members. If you have additional questions about the USO, contact the organization at 1-888-484-3876. Read this note in Spanish .

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Sending Care Packages to Our Troops Overseas