While the holiday season keeps you busy, food safety at family meals or holiday parties is more important than ever. As you get ready to prepare big meals for guests, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is ready to answer your questions about food safety. According to the USDA, turkey is the food you ask about most often. Common questions about turkey are whether drugs are used in turkeys, and if the turkeys are inspected before they hit your grocery store aisle. You can rest assured that any turkey you buy at the store has been inspected by either the USDA or your state to ensure they meet certain standards. No matter what dishes you plan to serve at your holiday dinners or parties, it’s important to remember that any food can easily be contaminated. The USDA recommends that you follow the “two hour rule” and put away food that has been setting out for more than two hours to prevent germs from spreading. You can also prevent the spread of food borne illnesses by washing your hands before and after preparing your food and keeping your kitchen utensils clean. Find more food safety tips and order a free packet of publications that will help you get a great holiday meal on the table.

Excerpt from:
Keep Your Food Safe This Holiday Season