From the National Archives : Did someone say #GIFs ? digitalpubliclibraryofamerica : It’s a public domain celebration! The Digital Public Library of America and DigitalNZ are very excited to announce the launch of GIF IT UP , an international competition over the next six weeks to find the best GIFs reusing public domain and openly licensed digital video, images, text, and other material available via our search portals. The winners will have their work featured and celebrated online at the Public Domain Review and . Pretty sweet, huh? To find out more about GIF IT UP, including how you can participate, visit . Happy GIFing!  Planning to GIF IT UP? Look no further than the National Archives’ Online Catalog (OPA) for a variety of (mostly) public domain source material.   Check back soon!  We’ll be sharing a few ideas for the GIF It Up Challenge categories . Don’t forget to share your National Archives #HistoryGIFs  with todaysdocument too!

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