It’s Halloween! Make sure you and your family have a fun-filled, safe holiday with these tips. Halloween activities like trick-or-treating or parties provide opportunities for you and your family to be exposed to germs. With flu season just around the corner take precautions and get a flu shot . Check your local weather report before you head out and be prepared to bundle up underneath those costumes . Dressing for the occasion will help prevent maladies like hypothermia and will allow you to enjoy your night, no matter what the weather. If you and your family will be participating in the age-old tradition of trick-or-treating, be aware of the area you’ll be visiting and watch out for traffic. Whether it’s your own local street and town, or a theme park with family specials, getting lost in an unfamiliar area can pose a danger to the enjoyment of the evening and your personal safety. If you live in a neighborhood, odds are that you are going to get some visitors this Halloween. If you choose to hand out treats, be aware of the people you allow inside your home. If there are guests that are unfamiliar to you, hand out candy on your doorstep, and keep the night’s activities outside. Find more tips for to have a fun and safe Halloween .

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Happy Halloween! Have Fun and Stay Safe With These Tips