By Una Song, program manager for the ENERGY STAR program at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Electronics are a popular gift for the holidays, and now you can give a great gift that also gives back in many ways. ENERGY STAR certified electronics – home entertainment and office products – not only make great gifts; they also save energy, money and help protect the climate. ENERGY STAR Home Entertainment You can find the ENERGY STAR label on nearly all entertainment products from TVs and Blu-ray disc players to soundbars and MP3 docking stations. ENERGY STAR certified products provide the same functionality but use less energy because they are more efficient in all usage modes: sleep, idle, and on. And if someone on your list is looking for a TV that is really cutting edge when it comes to technology or protecting the environment, look for models that have been awarded this year’s prestigious ENERGY STAR Most Efficient recognition , representing the best of the best in terms of energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR Office Products Shoppers can also find the ENERGY STAR label on office products such as computers, monitors, notebooks, multifunction printers and more. By choosing ENERGY STAR certified products for your home office and enabling power management, you can save up to $390 over the life of the products. ENERGY STAR computers and monitors have a power management sleep mode to ensure you are saving energy (and money on utility bills) when the products are not in use. If you receive a new electronic gift this year, you can recycle the old one. Check out where to recycle or donate your electronics , including cell phones, computers, and TVs, through EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge participants.

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Give Green Gifts with Energy Star Products