Ask Marietta: Advice for High School Students Video description In this episode of Ask Marietta, Marietta responds to a letter from a high school in Hastings, Nebraska and shares some consumer advice for the students there. Video transcript Hi I’m Marietta Jelks, manager of the Consumer Action Handbook, also known as the CAH. In this video series, I’ll be reading letters from readers like you who have used the Consumer Action Handbook in their regular lives and to answer questions from you on issues that pertain to your consumer life. Let’s see what people say. Today’s letter is actual an email. You can write or email us. And it comes from a high school in Hastings, Nebraska. It reads: Dear Marietta, This handbook is being used as part of the financial literacy course at our school. It goes on to say that students use the handbook and place it in a filebox that they can use and refer to as they develop life skills. The handbook is current and relevant and my favorite part of the letter says, “It’s better than the textbooks purchased for the class.” Now how great is that, that our free handbook is better than the textbooks that were purchased for the class. Did you know that handbook includes so much information as teens transition to real life and getting themselves settled. It also includes information to help in every day life. For instance, did you know that when you download music you’re not actually downloading the song but the right or license to use the song, Hmm So if you want your questions answered, maybe on the next episode, you can write us (Ask Marietta, 1800 F St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20405) you can email ( us or you can tweet us using the hashtag #AskMarietta.

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Ask Marietta: Advice for High School Students