GSA Travel Guidance

*Effective:  1 October, there are new government lodging rates for travel.  For official travel, be sure to check the Federal Per Diem Rates prior to making hotel reservations.  Off-duty government & military personnel (& families) can make reservations without having to verify federal per diem rates.

Top Government Travel Locations

Per Diem Hotels include frequently traveled destinations within the Continental United States (including Hawaii & Alaska).  Peak season occupancy may affect overall lodging rates.  Browse each destination for travel information and hotel availability within the government lodging rate.  Book all reservations within the per diem rate or ensure a waiver is authorized for rates above per diem.  Current reservations can be viewed through the Manage Your Reservation link.  All rates and reservations are available to official and off-duty travelers and family members; government ID card recommended (although not required) at check-in, to ensure the reservation is within the per diem rate.

Military & DoD Lodging by Installation

Search by Military Base, or the closest city.

Largest Military Installations

Below are some the largest U.S. Military Bases.  Although a number of factors including the size of the military installation, number of personnel, and budget of each military base may be greater at certain installations, below is a list of some highly visited and largest military installations by size.  Per Diem Hotels are available within minutes to the entrance of all of the following military bases:



Military Bases & Lodging by Branch of Service

Each Military Service branch maintains and operates their own on-base and off-base lodging programs for TDY and PCS travelers.  Browse Military Base information and check rates and availability for government rate hotels.  Federal, state, & local government employees, military retirees, and family members of military personnel may make reservations without having to provide a government or military ID; Only gov’t & military on official travel are advised to present a government ID upon arrival.