Per Diem Rates are a daily allowance for lodging and meals as set by the GSA (Government Services Administration).  The GSA is a policy related agency of the federal government that oversees many travel related functions.  Foreign travel rates are set by the U.S. Department of State, and currently all government-wide rates for military personnel being assigned on TDY orders outside of the continental United States including Hawaii, Alaska, and all official US Territories are set by the DTMO (Defense Travel Management Office) under the auspices of the Department of Defense.

Federal Per Diem Rate Increases and Decreases

The federal per diem rates reset every fiscal year on October 1st, and rates either increase, decrease, or stay the same each year.  Next fiscal year, the per diem rates are currently projected to remain relatively unchanged as well.

What is the current Per Diem Rate?

The federal government uses the term per diem to keep track of the daily allowance of lodging and meals for government and military travelers on official duty travel.  Per diem rates can be queried through the search box below which will provide rates for any location within the U.S.

FY GSA Per Diem Rate Calculator & Query

Check GSA per diem rates using the query box below by entering either City & State -or- Zip Code:



Per Diem Lodging Allowance

The per diem rate authorized for hotels and other types of lodging is based on an annual GSA survey of lodging rates in each local area by zip code or major city.  Lodging expenses are reimbursed up to the maximum authorized rate, but a traveler is not entitled to “pocket the difference” if he or she is able to find a hotel that is less than per diem…It’s use or lose.  Because of this, in many cases it may be advantageous for the traveler to find a hotel as close to the maximum rate (“Max Lodging Rate”) as possible in order to take advantage of what often times may be a nicer hotel with better amenities.  Simply put, when it comes to lodging it’s use it or lose it.

Per Diem for Meals & Incidental Expenses

The Per Diem Meals rate for government travelers is paid at a flat reimbursement rate regardless of how much is spent on meals, so unlike lodging, a traveler can pocket the difference if spending less than the authorized meals rate.

Hotels at Per Diem

Almost all of our featured hotels are available at or below the per diem rate for government travel.  Our contracted rates and specialized software enables us to find and book some of the best rates whether traveling on government orders, or if looking for a discount hotel or travel package for your next family vacation while traveling in an off-duty status.