Fort Lewis is located about an hour from the Seattle – Tacoma metropolitan area of Washington state.  Fort Lewis and McChord, both long time neighbors and partners, were recently realigned by the Department of Defense BRAC initiative to form Joint Base Fort Lewis McChord AFB, otherwise known as JBLM.  Lodging on Fort Lewis is available for transient personnel in need of basic officer quarters BOQ/VOQ guest lodging, although many service members and government employees prefer to reside off base.  Hotels off base near Fort Lewis are available within the government per diem rate for official travel.  Be sure to also check out our Seattle Hotels page for special rates in the Sea-Tac area, whether on a government / military assignment or vacation travel.

Hotels near Fort Lewis

Browse government and military rate hotels for travel to Fort Lewis.  Hotels near Fort Lewis can be found through our per diem hotels search.  Our lodging availability and rates are updated daily to provide official and off-duty travelers with some of the best hotel and extended stay rates for government assignments or vacation travel.  No government or military ID required for off-duty travel reservations.  Official travelers on orders may be requested to show a valid ID on arrival.  Prior to making a hotel reservation, be sure to check DoD Per Diem Rates.

Fort Lewis Army Post Lodging

Post lodging on Joint Base Fort Lewis – McChord Air Force Base  is available for personnel in need of Basic Officer Quarters BOQ/VOQ guest housing while in a transient or short term  temporary duty status.

Joint Base Fort Lewis – McChord AFB Information

JBLM was organized as a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission BRAC legislated by Congress.  The consolidation was one of 12 joint bases formed in the United States.  Joint Base Lewis-McChord is in close proximity to the Naval ports of Tacoma, Olympia and Seattle for deploying equipment.   The joint base has a relatively large training area which includes the Yakima Training Center.   Units which include the 2nd Infantry Division and 2/75 Ranger Regiment can be deployed from McChord Field or nearby Sea-Tac Airport.  JBLM is closed to the general public.