Fort Benning is one of the largest U.S. Military and Army installations in the world.  Fort Benning is located in Columbus, GA and is known as the home of the the U.S. Army Infantry School and training center.  The Army installation is a Training and Doctrine Command TRADOC base and is located along the Georgia – Alabama border.

Hotels near Fort Benning

Browse government and military rate hotels for travel to Fort Benning.  Our Fort Benning and Columbus, GA hotel rates and availability are updated daily to provide official and off-duty travelers with some of the best hotel and extended stay rates for government assignments or vacation travel.  No government or military ID is required for off-duty travel reservations.  Official travelers on orders may be requested to show a valid ID upon arrival.  Prior to making a hotel reservation, be sure to check DoD Per Diem Rates.

Fort Benning Army Post Lodging

Olson Hall, Building 399, Gillespie Street, Fort Benning, GA 31905 Lodging Details: Olson Hall, located on Fort Benning has 1175 rooms.

Post lodging on Fort Benning is located at Olson Hall, and is currently awaiting renovations over the next several years.  Hotels in Columbus, Georgia are recommended as an alternative to Fort Benning Post Lodging at Olson Hall.

Fort Benning Information

Fort Benning schools and courses include Infantry Basic Combat Training BCT and Advanced Infantry Training AIT, the Infantry Officer’s Basic Course IOBC, and Captain’s Career (Advanced) Course, Airborne School, Ranger, Sniper, and Jump-Master schools among many other courses.