Coast Guard MWR Recreational Lodging

Coast Guard Recreational Lodging facilities are managed by the Coast Guard’s Morale, Welfare, & Recreation (MWR) program in a similar fashion to the Navy Gateway Inn & Lodge program or the Army MWR Lodging program.  All Coast Guard Lodging facilities are open to authorized MWR patrons.   Active duty military service members and family have a first priority fill for all billeting.  A complete list of authorized patrons and additional lodging information and locations is contained in the U.S. Coast Guard MWR Manual of services.

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Lodging

Coast Guard MWR and Recreational Lodging Locations:

USCG MWR & Recreational Lodging

Air Station Borinquen Cottages
Air Station Cape Cod Wings Inn
Air Station North Bend Recreational Lodging
Cain Hall Guest Quarters
Cape May Temporary Housing
Channel Islands Harbor RV Park
Coast Guard Yard Lodging
Cuttyhunk Island Recreational Lodging
Elizabeth City Lodging
Fort Wadsworth Guest Quarters
Hillsboro Recreational Cottages
Kodiak Guest House
Kodiak Nemetz RV Park

Lake Tahoe Recreational Lodging
Marathon Recreation Cottages
Munro Hall Guest Quarters
Nantucket Temporary Housing
Novato Temporary Guest Quarters
Petaluma Guest House
Petaluma Lake RV Park
Point Betsie Recreation Cottage
Rawley Point Cottage
Rio Bayamon Guest Housing
Sherwood Point Cottage
Townsends Inlet Recreational Lodging
Westport Lighthouse